How to Be a Better Husband

Today, I want us to focus on an idea that comes up multiple times in the Bible: The idea of God being the husband/bridegroom and us being the bride.  I’ll admit it’s quite tough for me to try to imagine being a woman / wife. But it’s not difficult for me to imagine God beingContinue reading “How to Be a Better Husband”

What Will You Do When All of Your Mentors Fall?

I’ve been contemplating this question for quite awhile. It was probably about 10-15 years ago when my first mentor fell. Let me quickly set the stage and then we’ll dive in: First, we’ll look at where I’m coming from Second, we’ll look at why that matters Third, we’ll look at my past heroes that haveContinue reading “What Will You Do When All of Your Mentors Fall?”

A Way We Can Learn (1)

Sometimes we make decisions in life, not knowing why we make them. For example: Back in July of last year, I started a job in Crawfordsville. Hannah and I were living at my parents’, in the upstairs of the garage, and our daughter, Sevaeh, had just entered the world. A month later, we decided toContinue reading “A Way We Can Learn (1)”

Living Epistles (2b)

(A continuation from yesterday) You see, the marijuana is also a crucial part of the story because this is where the serious trouble began. He began smoking pot in early high school. Then, he moved to drinking Robitussin, 2-3 bottles a night. From there, he tried cocaine, but didn’t like it, so instead he startedContinue reading “Living Epistles (2b)”

Living Epistles (2a)

I know a guy, in his early 20s, who just started following Jesus. A few months ago, this guy was living at his parents’, on house arrest, smoking pot, and unemployed. Before that, he had been a thief, a drug dealer, and a womanizer. Here’s how all of that went down: As a young boy, in third grade, he beganContinue reading “Living Epistles (2a)”

Living Epistles (1)

I know a lady, a single mom actually. She is in her forties, with three kids, two of which are out of the house. The youngest is still at home, quickly approaching her teenage years. The other two are out of the house, both boys. The oldest boy is married, working as an apprentice inContinue reading “Living Epistles (1)”

Living Epistles (Introduction)

Last week I came up with an idea. I’m going to write blogs about people I know. I know, it doesn’t sound like an impressive idea, but impressing you is not the point. Power is the point. The people I’m going to write about are living powerful lives. They are demonstrating that there is a better way to live.Continue reading “Living Epistles (Introduction)”