The Vanity of Accomplishments

Over the weekend, I visited my parents’ home for Christmas. Before the big dinner, my dad and I went upstairs to play a game of fooseball, while my wife, daughter, and mom stayed downstairs to talk. Upstairs, I noticed I still had quite a collection of old trophies and plaques. I had noticed them theContinue reading “The Vanity of Accomplishments”

Living Epistles (2b)

(A continuation from yesterday) You see, the marijuana is also a crucial part of the story because this is where the serious trouble began. He began smoking pot in early high school. Then, he moved to drinking Robitussin, 2-3 bottles a night. From there, he tried cocaine, but didn’t like it, so instead he startedContinue reading “Living Epistles (2b)”

Saying Something

This month marks a year that I have been writing on this blog. Now that’s saying something. A year ago, I was thinking about so much and learning so much that I just needed an outlet. I wanted to write, and so I did. But now, after writing nearly two blogs per week, I feel likeContinue reading “Saying Something”

Paper in the Wind

Tom Petty sings a song about how the days went by like paper in the wind. Today, I was thinking about that. Six years ago, I was gearing up for a Saturday afternoon game as a college football player at Taylor University. Six years ago. Unbelievable. Five years ago, I was getting acclimated to Bible college, packing up forContinue reading “Paper in the Wind”


Today, I went back to college. Normally I love college. I mean, in the past, college has felt like home. I’ve  felt comfortable there. I gobbled up any knowledge the professors were willing to give. I read hundreds of books. I wrote hundreds of papers. I interacted with other students. I even set up my tent at the library.Continue reading “College”