“So tell me a little bit about yourself.”

Well, I have a beautiful wife named Hannah, and three awesome kids. All of us have published a book or are working on publishing a book. We live out West on our own mini-ranch, which includes 8 chickens, 3 ponies, 3 dogs, 2 mini-goats, and 2 pet rats.

It’s a crazy life, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s a quick snippet on each of us:

Emerson, our youngest, is a mutton bustin’, Bear Grylls watchin’, hikin’ and climbin’ adventurer. He enjoys pretty much every sport too.

Myla, our 2nd born, is a gluten-free, vegan hippie at heart. Half adventurer, half ice skating ballerina. She has a massive sweet-tooth like her dad.

Sevaeh, our oldest, is an academic and social butterfly, a sweetheart at the core. She loves the Heartland TV series and taking care of her animals. She’s also a published author and if you grab her book on Amazon, she’ll donate a copy to a child in need.

Hannah, my wife, is a crunchy mom, full of spunk and full of love for her people and animals. She’s an enneagram 8, an outspoken advocate for abuse victims, and has recently published a book, as well as a free course that helps people heal from abuse:

My name is Omer. I’m an enneagram 5, a lifelong learner, and a writer at my core. In 2015, I became employee #1 for Self-Publishing School. Over 7 years, I’ve done just about every role at the company and we’ve grown to become an Inc. 5000 company multiple years running. I work with an incredible bunch of people, still learning something new every day.

When I’m not working, I love hanging out with my family, reading good books, hiking for great views, catching up with friends, and relishing in brief stints of silence. May you enjoy this moment of silence…

Peace to you.

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