2021 Recap

***LONG POST ALERT BUT WORTH THE READ***Laughing as I look at this memory (picture above) because it was borderline prophetic. Eight years ago, I found myself on Donald Miller‘s website as an advertisement. He was running Storyline Conferences (before StoryBrand was a thing for businesses), and I was a wandering, aimless, millennial. I had aContinue reading “2021 Recap”

How to Be a Better Husband

Today, I want us to focus on an idea that comes up multiple times in the Bible: The idea of God being the husband/bridegroom and us being the bride.  I’ll admit it’s quite tough for me to try to imagine being a woman / wife. But it’s not difficult for me to imagine God beingContinue reading “How to Be a Better Husband”

The Book(s)

In Greek, Bible is translated “biblia.” Biblia is a dual functioning word. It means book and it means Bible. On my bookshelves at home sit many books. Hundreds actually. I’ve read at least half of them. But the other half is slow-going. Now that I have two daughters, and we’re about to add a thirdContinue reading “The Book(s)”

First Time Home Buyers

Two days ago, we filled out the paperwork for our first ever offer on a home. Yesterday, the sellers returned a counter-offer. We counter-offered their counter-offer. They accepted. Now, the fun begins. Home inspections, appraisals, filling out pounds of paperwork, and paying and receiving money. Then, a couple home improvement projects to complete. Maybe, byContinue reading “First Time Home Buyers”