2021 Recap

***LONG POST ALERT BUT WORTH THE READ***Laughing as I look at this memory (picture above) because it was borderline prophetic. Eight years ago, I found myself on Donald Miller‘s website as an advertisement. He was running Storyline Conferences (before StoryBrand was a thing for businesses), and I was a wandering, aimless, millennial. I had aContinue reading “2021 Recap”

Connect the Dots

I read a quote from Seth Godin, asking, “Are we teaching our children to collect the dots or connect the dots?” It’s a good question, a fair question, one that must be asked. More importantly, it’s one that must be answered. See, I like to collect dots. And I am a firm believer that peopleContinue reading “Connect the Dots”

3 Pre-reqs for Leadership

I’m taking a class for work. In the class notes, I came across a helpful tidbit. I think it applies not only in the workplace, but also in our relationship with Jesus. In order for leadership to exist, three things must present: 1. Followers must be willing to accept direction from the leader. 2. ThereContinue reading “3 Pre-reqs for Leadership”

Passion (Bill McGlaughlin)

Last week, I mentioned that I would like to explore two themes–creativity and passion. When I think of passion, I think of Bill McGlaughlin. Over the past month or so, my wife and I have had a radio on in our room. I couldn’t tell you what station it is, but I know it hasContinue reading “Passion (Bill McGlaughlin)”

Creativity (Bob Dylan)

Back in August of last year, I wrote a post on Bob Dylan. I talked about his lyrical genius and his ability to pack so much thought into a single song. Today, I want to talk about Dylan more broadly. I want to look at his creative ability, both in music and beyond. First, forContinue reading “Creativity (Bob Dylan)”