2021 Recap

***LONG POST ALERT BUT WORTH THE READ***Laughing as I look at this memory (picture above) because it was borderline prophetic. Eight years ago, I found myself on Donald Miller‘s website as an advertisement. He was running Storyline Conferences (before StoryBrand was a thing for businesses), and I was a wandering, aimless, millennial. I had aContinue reading “2021 Recap”

Catchy Headline

Subtitle: “How to Write the Perfect Blog Post” Get to the point. Have a strong opening paragraph. Keep it short, 500 words or less. Make it scannable. Stay in your theme / niche. Don’t make it about you. Make it about the readers. Add value to them. Now, invite engagement by asking a question. WhatContinue reading “Catchy Headline”

Young and Rich

Two kids started businesses, one boy, one girl. The girl, Sophia Amoruso, started in 2006, selling vintage women’s clothing on eBay. She was a 22-year-old community college dropout at the time, working for $13/hour at a dead end job. This eBay deal was a side project. Fast forward to 2012, and her business sold nearlyContinue reading “Young and Rich”

Connect the Dots

I read a quote from Seth Godin, asking, “Are we teaching our children to collect the dots or connect the dots?” It’s a good question, a fair question, one that must be asked. More importantly, it’s one that must be answered. See, I like to collect dots. And I am a firm believer that peopleContinue reading “Connect the Dots”

Timeline for Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ve been doing some reading on Martin Luther King, Jr. His holiday is coming up in the near future. After reading and putting it all together, I decided I should make a timeline for him, like I did for Rockefeller.   1929- 0- born in Atlanta, GA as Michael King 1935- 6- father changes hisContinue reading “Timeline for Martin Luther King, Jr.”

A Contradiction of Sorts

I just finished reading the biography on Steve Jobs. Now, I’m reading a book on how to increase your people skills. Why? Because sometimes I’m a congenial ol’chap; other times, I’m an irascible snob. I’m trying to cut the latter and indulge the former. It’s not that I want to be a schmoozer; I justContinue reading “A Contradiction of Sorts”