Job (part 6)

Something I’ve always found fascinating about the Scriptures is how often they cross-reference each other. Things in the Old Testament are revealed on a deeper level in the New Testament. Writers in the New Testament do callbacks to multiple things in the Old Testament. I think there’s a tendency to overlook a lot of theContinue reading “Job (part 6)”

Job (part 3)

(Disclaimer: Read my previous post if you haven’t already) Let’s take a trip back in time. Before grocery stores, people had to butcher their own animals, or take their animals to a local butcher for meat. Before shopping centers and department stores, people had to shear their own sheep and make their own wool garments.Continue reading “Job (part 3)”

Job (part 1)

I’ve probably read the book of Job a dozen times or more. It’s one of my favorites in the Old Testament, and no, I’m not a masochist. What draws me to the book of Job is the wisdom and timelessness of it. Some commentators believe Job lived before the patriarchs, before Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.Continue reading “Job (part 1)”

How to Be a Better Husband

Today, I want us to focus on an idea that comes up multiple times in the Bible: The idea of God being the husband/bridegroom and us being the bride.  I’ll admit it’s quite tough for me to try to imagine being a woman / wife. But it’s not difficult for me to imagine God beingContinue reading “How to Be a Better Husband”