What are the Imprecatory Psalms?

Have you ever wanted to call down a curse on someone? Have you ever been so mad at someone that you wished bad things upon them? Yeah, it’s a natural thing. It’s part of our human condition. People offend us, annoy us, or harm us, and we get upset. Rightfully so. In this article, IContinue reading “What are the Imprecatory Psalms?”

The Sabbath Series: How to Not Screw Up Sabbath

For years, I screwed up Sabbath. I mean, I could not rest. Have you ever experienced that? Even on my days off, I had to be busy, I had to be doing things. If I didn’t “feel productive,” I was miserable. Even if it wasn’t a full day off, but it was supposed to beContinue reading “The Sabbath Series: How to Not Screw Up Sabbath”

The Sabbath Series: What is a Yearly Sabbath?

A yearly Sabbath is a series of celebrations, festivities, holidays, and/or vacations spaced adequately throughout the year. When you read the Old Testament, you hear about all these different festivities that the Israelites celebrated. Sure, they had their weekly Sabbath, but they also seemed to have these seasonal or yearly Sabbaths. Then, you look atContinue reading “The Sabbath Series: What is a Yearly Sabbath?”

The Sabbath Series: What is a Daily Sabbath?

A daily sabbath is a daily reset. It could be a nap, meditation, deep breathing, or a relaxing walk. This concept is not new to me. It has been passed down by the greats throughout history. (More on that later.) In this post, we’ll cover: Our Current State What Does Daily Sabbath Look Like? ExamplesContinue reading “The Sabbath Series: What is a Daily Sabbath?”

The Sabbath Series: Why We Need Sabbath

For years, I was in denial. My wife said I had a problem. My best friend alluded to the problem. My boss, the CEO of our company, even talked with me about my problem. The problem: I was a workaholic. In this series, we’re going to take a deep look at the concept of Sabbath.Continue reading “The Sabbath Series: Why We Need Sabbath”

Haggai (2)

In the previous post, I wrote about a single line in chapter 1 of Haggai. Today, I want to talk about the book as a whole. Believe it or not, I wrote about this book almost nine years ago. But today is a new day. The ancient Jewish tradition has a phrase about turning theContinue reading “Haggai (2)”


A few days ago, when writing on Lamentations, I mentioned that I would circle back to this line. In Lamentations, it read: Let’s take a good look at the way we’re living and reorder our lives under God. Here, in Haggai, it reads: Take a good, hard look at your life. Think it over. I’m noContinue reading “Haggai”