New Book Alert! On The John – A Devotional for Dads

My newest book, “On The John: A Devotional for Dads” is live on Amazon! WOOHOO!!! I’m also doing a promo around it. Here are the details: The Kindle version is live and free today. Just go to Amazon and search “Omer Redden On The John Devotional,” and it should come up. I’d give you theContinue reading “New Book Alert! On The John – A Devotional for Dads”

Lamentations (2)

It’s tough to talk about grief and sorrow. It doesn’t come naturally for most of us. But I wanted to take a minute to share a few of the lines here in chapter 2 of Lamentations. In my mind, it perfectly describes the physical state of suffering: The elders of Daughter Zion sit silent onContinue reading “Lamentations (2)”

Lamentations (1)

This is one of those books often overlooked in the Old Testament. I think part of it has to do with the genre, and I think part of it has to do with how short it is. It’s just easy to skip over. When I mention the genre, what I’m referencing is the title ofContinue reading “Lamentations (1)”

Zephaniah (part 3)

Chapter 3 begins with a proclamation of doom to the rebellious city. There’s a line in this section that really sticks out to me, and it is this: “Her priests desecrate the Sanctuary. They use God’s law as a weapon to maim and kill souls.” Have you ever met someone who uses the Bible, orContinue reading “Zephaniah (part 3)”

Zephaniah (part 2)

Two main things in chapter two. Zephaniah brings a lot more judgment in chapter two. Or maybe I should say God brings a lot more judgment. First, against the Philistine cities. Then, against Moab and Ammon. Then, against Ethiopia. Finally, against Nineveh and Assyria. Geographically speaking, this covers judgment to the west, east, south, andContinue reading “Zephaniah (part 2)”

Zephaniah (part 1)

I wrote a super quick summary of Zephaniah a few years back. This time, however, I’m going in more depth. Zephaniah is one of the Minor Prophets. Not minor because he’s less important or because he’s not a “professional,” but because his writing is so short. In only three chapters, Zephaniah covers a lot ofContinue reading “Zephaniah (part 1)”

Pros and Cons of The Message Bible

If you’re reading this post, I’m guessing you’ve heard of The Message Bible and you’re in one of three camps: You’ve heard it can be a good paraphrase and you’re curious what makes it different, fresh, etc. as well as what potential pitfalls it may have. You’ve heard it is NOT a good version ofContinue reading “Pros and Cons of The Message Bible”