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Designed to help you live a better life:
in your faith, your finances, your family, and your work.

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All of them are designed to help you live a better life: whether in your faith, your finances, your family, or your work.


Every weekday, I read the Bible and write a post on what I learned. It’s like a day’s worth of manna, aka the daily omer.


When someone interviews me about my books or wants to jam on one of these topics, I get excited. Have a listen!


What People Say

I opened this book on a break at work, and I couldn’t put it down. I actually finished the whole book…in one sitting…at work! Omer is a talented, talented man.

Bobby Danes,
VP of a multi-national company

I love hearing how intentional you are in your practices to help yourself and others thrive. You have great hacks that we can all learn from. Thank you for sharing!

Gary Williams,
bestselling author & personality coach

Chandler Bolt is the founder of Self-Publishing School, an Inc. 5000 company that has gone from $0 to $20M in just over 5 years. Here’s what he said:


Blog Posts

  • 1 John (part 7)
    In my first entry on 1 John, I shared the quote that God is light. Here in chapter 4, John says, “God is love.” So, if you’re a logician, you could set up a syllogism and try to confuse yourself: God is light God is love Thus, light is love Or, you could try: GodContinue reading “1 John (part 7)”
  • 1 John (part 6)
    Love. Such a simple word and such a complex thing to understand. Three of my favorite authors & speakers have written whole books on love. Back in the day, the old classical author, CS Lewis, wrote The Four Loves. Then there’s a current one called Love Does by Bob Goff. And finally, there’s Love WinsContinue reading “1 John (part 6)”
  • 1 John (part 5)
    I don’t want to belabor this point in every entry on 1 John, but I feel the need to address it again quickly because, well, John addresses it again. But once I address this first item, I’ll move on to another topic. Here’s the first item: John makes it pretty clear that those who makeContinue reading “1 John (part 5)”

About Me (and You)

The Tip of the Iceberg

  • I believe you can have business success and keep the faith. They are not mutually exclusive.
  • I believe you have an insane amount of autonomy to create the life you want. So just do it!
  • I believe we are at our best when pursuing health in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional, financial, relational, spiritual, and vocational.
  • I believe when you find your calling, your sweet spot, your flow state, you’ll live a happier and more fulfilling life.

My ultimate goal is to be the tree in Psalm 1, planted by streams of water, that yields its fruit in season. I also want to be the wise steward in Matthew 25, who invests his talents and money and sees a 100-fold increase. I want the Master to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

If that’s also the type of person you want to be:

I believe you’re in the right place.