What Will You Do When All of Your Mentors Fall?

I’ve been contemplating this question for quite awhile. It was probably about 10-15 years ago when my first mentor fell. Let me quickly set the stage and then we’ll dive in: First, we’ll look at where I’m coming from Second, we’ll look at why that matters Third, we’ll look at my past heroes that haveContinue reading “What Will You Do When All of Your Mentors Fall?”

Flickering Pixels

I finished Flickering Pixels Saturday night. It was written by Shane Hipps, a leading marketer for Porsche turned Mennonite pastor. Overall, the book was well-written. Hipps wrote intelligently, yet simply. The first half of the book revolved heavily around technology. The second half shifted to theology. His main argument was that the medium and theContinue reading “Flickering Pixels”

Ham’s Grove

With a name like Ham’s Grove, it’s gotta be good! Pigs and trees, we’ve got that! There’s all kinds of catchy slogans you can devise for this place. What is this place? Not a deli, not a woods, but a church. Particularly, it is the church I am now a part of. The reason I want to tellContinue reading “Ham’s Grove”

The Good Ol’ Emergents (2)

Defining the emergent church is like trying to nail Jell-0 on a wall. Thus, it would be better for me to tell you why I studied it, what I studied, and what I learned, both positive and negative. I began my study in 2007 because I was beginning to hear how bad the emergents were.Continue reading “The Good Ol’ Emergents (2)”

Living Epistles (1)

I know a lady, a single mom actually. She is in her forties, with three kids, two of which are out of the house. The youngest is still at home, quickly approaching her teenage years. The other two are out of the house, both boys. The oldest boy is married, working as an apprentice inContinue reading “Living Epistles (1)”

Wild at Heart (1)

Tomorrow begins a new adventure for me. I’m starting a book club. I know it doesn’t sound like much of an adventure, but in reality it is. Because very soon, our book club will turn into a man’s club. And we’ll go out and do manly things. And men will become better workers, better husbands,Continue reading “Wild at Heart (1)”