Living Epistles (2b)

(A continuation from yesterday)

You see, the marijuana is also a crucial part of the story because this is where the serious trouble began. He began smoking pot in early high school. Then, he moved to drinking Robitussin, 2-3 bottles a night. From there, he tried cocaine, but didn’t like it, so instead he started Molly. Molly would keep him up for three days at a time, so he wasn’t sleeping and he wasn’t eating. He lost a lot of weight, and when he finally began to notice its effects on his body, he just quit. Cold turkey, turned it off. But he still stuck to his Mary Jane.

Admist all of this, he did try a semester of college at a kind-of Christian university. He had been raised in a Christian home after all. But college wasn’t for him. He had his books stolen mid-way through the semester, so he upped his partying from two days a week to five days a week. Around this time, he also tried out for the basketball team. He was doing great, but all of the sudden he collapsed on the court. Doctors wouldn’t clear him, he was frustrated, burnt-out, and broke, so he returned home.

He moved in with his brother, was kicked out, moved in with his old youth pastor, and found a job at Pizza Hut. He still smoked pot, but never at the house. Eventually, he was kicked out of there too, so he went to his parents, and that’s when things started coming to a point.

He quit working at Pizza Hut. He quit the drugs (since he was on probation). An old family friend began talking with him about Jesus. He went to his brother’s wedding and thought about how his brother had always been living for Jesus. Then, a cousin began talking to him about Jesus. His cousin encouraged him to go to Bible college, and so he did.

Now, he’s at Bible college, following Jesus. He’s trying to figure out his dreams, or rather God’s dreams for him. He wants to know what he’s supposed to do, where he’s supposed to be, and who he’s supposed to be–now and in the years to come.

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