2021 Recap

***LONG POST ALERT BUT WORTH THE READ***Laughing as I look at this memory (picture above) because it was borderline prophetic. Eight years ago, I found myself on Donald Miller‘s website as an advertisement. He was running Storyline Conferences (before StoryBrand was a thing for businesses), and I was a wandering, aimless, millennial. I had aContinue reading “2021 Recap”

A Mantra / Prayer

I have this mantra I’ve started with God: “God, I can’t do this.” “I know you can’t, Omer. BUT I can.” “God, I can’t do this.” “I know you can’t, Omer. BUT I can.” “God, I can’t do this.” “I know you can’t, Omer. BUT I can.” I did it today. I’m sure I’ll doContinue reading “A Mantra / Prayer”

Work & The Mind

This week is a big week at work. Four days worth of meetings. Middle-aged men from around the world discussing big problems. Men who make big decisions and big money. The purpose of the meetings: to reduce flash in tires. Funny, eh? I thought so too. But then you consider that every vehicle around theContinue reading “Work & The Mind”

Follow the Signs; Exits Have Been Changed

The title of this post comes from a traffic sign I saw this weekend. In many ways, it sums up my thoughts this past week. What I mean is that everyone has to exit this world. It’s not optional. Most of us think we know when we’ll exit, say at the age of 85 orContinue reading “Follow the Signs; Exits Have Been Changed”

The Doubt, The Dream, The Resurrection

Three things I must write, but I’m not at all sure how they go together. I remember nailing my debts and doubts to an old rugged cross in a dark room many years ago. I had a dream a few days ago about visiting the underground with a group of guys. Throughout the dream, weContinue reading “The Doubt, The Dream, The Resurrection”