Job (part 6)

Something I’ve always found fascinating about the Scriptures is how often they cross-reference each other. Things in the Old Testament are revealed on a deeper level in the New Testament. Writers in the New Testament do callbacks to multiple things in the Old Testament. I think there’s a tendency to overlook a lot of theContinue reading “Job (part 6)”


I’m sorry. I should have warned you; I am taking a hiatus from writing. I am not sure how long this sabbatical will last, but I can tell you, at some point, I will return. In the meantime, enjoy reading a couple years worth of content. The purpose of my hiatus is two-fold: I wantContinue reading “Hiatus”

Catchy Headline

Subtitle: “How to Write the Perfect Blog Post” Get to the point. Have a strong opening paragraph. Keep it short, 500 words or less. Make it scannable. Stay in your theme / niche. Don’t make it about you. Make it about the readers. Add value to them. Now, invite engagement by asking a question. WhatContinue reading “Catchy Headline”

Lessons from Blackberry

It’s possible you may have already forgot who Blackberry was. Remember the phone giant after Nokia, but before the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Anywho, they’ve experienced quite a downfall. These are some lessons you can learn from their fall: Don’t coast on past accomplishments. That is, keep improving. Have 1 leader, not 2. Be carefulContinue reading “Lessons from Blackberry”

Forrest Gump

You must be familiar with two movies before this poem makes sense: Forrest Gump and Baby Mama.   Forrest said life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’re gonna get. But at least I would know chocolates were in store. Instead, I receive boxes, not knowing what’s in store. Is itContinue reading “Forrest Gump”