What Will You Do When All of Your Mentors Fall?

I’ve been contemplating this question for quite awhile. It was probably about 10-15 years ago when my first mentor fell. Let me quickly set the stage and then we’ll dive in: First, we’ll look at where I’m coming from Second, we’ll look at why that matters Third, we’ll look at my past heroes that haveContinue reading “What Will You Do When All of Your Mentors Fall?”

First Time Home Buyers

Two days ago, we filled out the paperwork for our first ever offer on a home. Yesterday, the sellers returned a counter-offer. We counter-offered their counter-offer. They accepted. Now, the fun begins. Home inspections, appraisals, filling out pounds of paperwork, and paying and receiving money. Then, a couple home improvement projects to complete. Maybe, byContinue reading “First Time Home Buyers”

A Mantra

I have this mantra I’ve started with God: “God, I can’t do this.” “I know you can’t, Omer. BUT I can.” “God, I can’t do this.” “I know you can’t, Omer. BUT I can.” “God, I can’t do this.” “I know you can’t, Omer. BUT I can.” I did it today. I’m sure I’ll doContinue reading “A Mantra”

This Thing We Call Money

A few days ago, I wrote about this game we call football, where burly men jostle each other and millions of people cheer them on. Well, if you remember, that game generates over 2.2 billion dollars of profit (just in TV revenues). Those dollars are what I want to talk about today. It looks appetizingContinue reading “This Thing We Call Money”

Love. Sex. God. Pt3

The last post focused primarily on single people. This post is primarily for married people. Simple summary for simple people: Talk about sex with your spouse. The Bible encourages it. People who like an explanation, read on: Dear Mr. or Mrs. _____, Please talk about sex with your spouse. It is not taboo. It isContinue reading “Love. Sex. God. Pt3”

Love. Sex. God. Pt2

**You can find the referenced sermon at http://www.imagodeicommunity.com/sunday/sermon-archive/ .** In this second sermon, Rick explores the economy of sex. The basic argument is that the price of sex is lower than it’s ever been before. I know, it’s odd for a pastor to talk about sex in economic terms, but you have to understand whereContinue reading “Love. Sex. God. Pt2”