A Way We Can Learn (1)

Sometimes we make decisions in life, not knowing why we make them.

For example: Back in July of last year, I started a job in Crawfordsville. Hannah and I were living at my parents’, in the upstairs of the garage, and our daughter, Sevaeh, had just entered the world. A month later, we decided to move to Indianapolis. By most estimates, this decision was not wise. We would be an hour and fifteen minutes away from my job, instead of five minutes away. We would be paying rent and utilities, instead of living for free at my parents. And we would be bringing a newborn and a dog into a house that we were sharing with another couple.

At the time, we did it because it felt right. We felt like that was where the Lord was leading us, and although we weren’t sure why, we were at peace with it. God was stirring up something new, and although we couldn’t put our finger on it, we knew we needed to be in Indy for it to happen.

We lived in Indy for five months, barely breaking even by the time we paid for gas and rent and utilities. But out of that experience came a new thing. That thing is called Water to Wine. That is the reason we moved to Indy.

Water to Wine is a ministry we started with a few other believers. We offer biblically-based courses at no cost to the students. We partner with local churches (in Indy) to offer courses for those who are hungry to learn more. We just finished our first class on the book of Genesis. You can check it out at http://watertowinecourses.blogspot.com.

This is one of many ways we can learn.

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