I’m sorry. I should have warned you; I am taking a hiatus from writing. I am not sure how long this sabbatical will last, but I can tell you, at some point, I will return. In the meantime, enjoy reading a couple years worth of content. The purpose of my hiatus is two-fold: I wantContinue reading “Hiatus”

Forrest Gump

You must be familiar with two movies before this poem makes sense: Forrest Gump and Baby Mama.   Forrest said life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’re gonna get. But at least I would know chocolates were in store. Instead, I receive boxes, not knowing what’s in store. Is itContinue reading “Forrest Gump”

Connect the Dots

I read a quote from Seth Godin, asking, “Are we teaching our children to collect the dots or connect the dots?” It’s a good question, a fair question, one that must be asked. More importantly, it’s one that must be answered. See, I like to collect dots. And I am a firm believer that peopleContinue reading “Connect the Dots”