Lessons from Blackberry

It’s possible you may have already forgot who Blackberry was. Remember the phone giant after Nokia, but before the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Anywho, they’ve experienced quite a downfall. These are some lessons you can learn from their fall: Don’t coast on past accomplishments. That is, keep improving. Have 1 leader, not 2. Be carefulContinue reading “Lessons from Blackberry”

2 Vacations

As June turned into July, I had the privilege of enjoying two vacations. The first was a vacation from family responsibilities. My wife and daughter went to visit family, and I stayed at home. They left on a Saturday morning so I had the weekend alone, then worked three days before leaving to join them.Continue reading “2 Vacations”

Wild at Heart (1)

Tomorrow begins a new adventure for me. I’m starting a book club. I know it doesn’t sound like much of an adventure, but in reality it is. Because very soon, our book club will turn into a man’s club. And we’ll go out and do manly things. And men will become better workers, better husbands,Continue reading “Wild at Heart (1)”

Saying Something

This month marks a year that I have been writing on this blog. Now that’s saying something. A year ago, I was thinking about so much and learning so much that I just needed an outlet. I wanted to write, and so I did. But now, after writing nearly two blogs per week, I feel likeContinue reading “Saying Something”


Productivity. That is the word of the day. I awoke, packed my lunch, ate breakfast, and drove to work. At work, I stayed busy, labored outside, and earned my wages. So far, an average day. When I finished earning my wages, I returned to my abode. I treated myself to a popsicle, then headed to the garage. There, I sorted through six storageContinue reading “Productivity”

7 Habits for The Good Life (2)

Read regularly. Read broadly. The Good Book is good. It is always worth reading. There are a good many other books worth reading too. Read numerous authors. Read numerous genres. Read in other languages if you can. I try to have about four or five books going at a time. One in the Bible. OneContinue reading “7 Habits for The Good Life (2)”