Productivity. That is the word of the day.

I awoke, packed my lunch, ate breakfast, and drove to work. At work, I stayed busy, labored outside, and earned my wages. So far, an average day.

When I finished earning my wages, I returned to my abode. I treated myself to a popsicle, then headed to the garage. There, I sorted through six storage containers and threw away two boxes full of trash. I fixed dinner. I read forty pages of a book. Then, I did some carpentry work and finished making a drawer to go under a crib. From there, I rode my bike. I showered. I played a game of NCAA football against my brother. I ate dessert. I typed this. I talked to my wife. I read some more. Then I went to sleep.

The workday began at 6:45am and ended at 10:45pm.

Now I’m not advocating that you or I keep this type of schedule every day of the week. Seven days of this, no way! I’m not crazy. But I am advocating this as a six-days-per-week schedule. I mean, we weren’t made to only work five, 8-hour days each week. We weren’t made to work four, 10-hour days. And we certainly weren’t made for three, 12-hour days. We were made to work six full days per week. Think back to the Garden of Eden for a minute. Even before sin entered the world, Adam had work to do. He was made in the image of God, and what we know from the first two chapters of Genesis is that God worked too. He created. He made something out of nothing. And then Adam and Eve were supposed to make something out of something.

Fast forward to today and I’m convinced that many people have it all wrong. They either don’t want to work at all, or they want to work like madmen. People who are trying to get rich will often work seven days per week, every week. Those who are lazy or milking the system usually don’t work at all.  My advice: Avoid the extremes. Find something worth doing and do it. After six days, rest and recharge. Then go at it again.

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