I’m sorry. I should have warned you; I am taking a hiatus from writing. I am not sure how long this sabbatical will last, but I can tell you, at some point, I will return. In the meantime, enjoy reading a couple years worth of content. The purpose of my hiatus is two-fold: I wantContinue reading “Hiatus”

Before Bed, After Bed

Just before bed, I’ve begun a new ritual. Like always, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on chap-stick. But now, I also write a plan for tomorrow. I write out things I need to put in the car, places I need to go, people I need to call, emails I need toContinue reading “Before Bed, After Bed”

Productivity (Addendums)

For fear of being misunderstood, let me add some addendums to my last post on Productivity. First, this type of schedule is for adults, not children. It would be wrong of us to force this schedule at a young age. Second, don’t think that every day has to include this many tasks. Your evening canContinue reading “Productivity (Addendums)”


Productivity. That is the word of the day. I awoke, packed my lunch, ate breakfast, and drove to work. At work, I stayed busy, labored outside, and earned my wages. So far, an average day. When I finished earning my wages, I returned to my abode. I treated myself to a popsicle, then headed to the garage. There, I sorted through six storageContinue reading “Productivity”