Saying Something

This month marks a year that I have been writing on this blog. Now that’s saying something.

A year ago, I was thinking about so much and learning so much that I just needed an outlet. I wanted to write, and so I did. But now, after writing nearly two blogs per week, I feel like I’ve run out of words. Not really, but kind of. Let me clarify:

Last year at this time, I was sitting in class for 16 hours per week, absorbing information. Then I’d go home and spend about 30 hours per week studying, reading, and learning. My brain was getting crammed and my heart was being challenged. But now, I’m working a job for 40 hours per week where I really don’t have to think. I do mindless manual labor or mindless computer tasks. Yesterday, I hammered some nails. Today, I opened 300 individual documents and clicked print on page 1 and 2, leaving page 3 out. Four hundred and fifty times, click, click, click–ahhhhh!!! And at home, I’m admiring my daughter and helping my wife and walking my dog. As you can surmise, there’s not a lot of time for in-depth thought and new learning. I try my best to learn in the car, but it’s limited.

So, a year later, being in the circumstances I’m in, what can I offer you? A LOT! I just have to keep my mind moving. And be intentional.

I’ll give you plenty to chew on–just wait!

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