Productivity (Addendums)

For fear of being misunderstood, let me add some addendums to my last post on Productivity. First, this type of schedule is for adults, not children. It would be wrong of us to force this schedule at a young age. Second, don’t think that every day has to include this many tasks. Your evening canContinue reading “Productivity (Addendums)”

7 Habits for the Good Life (6)

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved to play sports. In fact, as a boy, he played every sport he possibly could. As a youth, he played four sports. When he moved into middle school and high school, he dropped down to three. By the end of high school, he played two. In college, one. By theContinue reading “7 Habits for the Good Life (6)”

7 Habits for The Good Life (5)

Perhaps my last post was too brief. Showering is what helps me stay sane. Every day. If I’m not showering, you can be sure my sanity is reaching its end. Why? Because a shower makes for a clean body, a fresh vibe, and a clear mind. My wife often asks why I take such long showers andContinue reading “7 Habits for The Good Life (5)”

7 Habits for The Good Life (3)

I’m fully convinced of the efficacy of this habit. Some may disagree, but that’s okay. The habit I’m speaking of is prayer–talking to and listening to Jesus. Talk to him about everything. Talk to him individually. As a couple. With your kids. You’ll be glad you did. And don’t forget about the second part–listening. ItContinue reading “7 Habits for The Good Life (3)”

7 Habits for The Good Life (2)

Read regularly. Read broadly. The Good Book is good. It is always worth reading. There are a good many other books worth reading too. Read numerous authors. Read numerous genres. Read in other languages if you can. I try to have about four or five books going at a time. One in the Bible. OneContinue reading “7 Habits for The Good Life (2)”

7 Habits for The Good Life (1)

Since being back in Indiana, my wife and I have formed several habits. Good habits. One of which is walking. Every evening, around 8:30, just as the temperatures are cooling off and the sun is starting to make its descent, we lace up our shoes and leash up our dog. We usually spend 45 minutesContinue reading “7 Habits for The Good Life (1)”