Wild at Heart (1)

Tomorrow begins a new adventure for me.

I’m starting a book club.

I know it doesn’t sound like much of an adventure, but in reality it is. Because very soon, our book club will turn into a man’s club. And we’ll go out and do manly things. And men will become better workers, better husbands, and better fathers.  And that is a big deal.

We’re starting by reading a classic, Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.

Just last week, I began listening to the book on audio and already I’m inspired to go and kill a lion with my bare hands. I want to return to Oregon and climb Mt. Hood, fly to Peru and hike the Incan trail to Machu Picchu, then come back and make love to my wife. Eldredge inspires that kind of action with his writing.

At the same time, however, Eldredge digs down deep, right into the heart of man. He tells men what they’re doing right and graciously shows us the things we’re doing wrong. He addresses office work, surburbia, the “nice man” syndrome. He points out how these things domesticate a man, like locking a lion in a cage at the zoo. He describes how men, as a result of the Fall, usually fall into one of two extremes–aggression or passivity. We either act like macho man and cuss and yell and flex at people. Or, we never address conflict, pretend nothing bothers us, and shrink back when it comes time to take action, letting our wives take control or letting our children walk all over us.

Somewhere in the middle is where the heart of man is to be. Bold, adventurous, and willing to fight for what matters, and at the same time, being gentle, nurturing his wife and cherishing his children. 

But here’s where I must stop, for I don’t want to give away all of wisdom of the book. I can only tell you, if you’re a man, you should come join us. And if you’re a woman, you should tell your man to come. (And go read the book for females, Captivating.)

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One thought on “Wild at Heart (1)

  1. I came across your blog–we love that your club is reading Wild at Heart! We’d like to send you a copy of John’s newest book, Beautiful Outlaw. It’s about Jesus, and we think you’ll really enjoy and be impacted by it. If you’d like us to send you a copy of Outlaw (our gift to you), just send me a quick email. In the meantime, you can get more info at http://www.beautifuloutlaw.net. Hope to hear from you soon!
    Karen, for the Ransomed Heart Team

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