Paper in the Wind

Tom Petty sings a song about how the days went by like paper in the wind. Today, I was thinking about that. Six years ago, I was gearing up for a Saturday afternoon game as a college football player at Taylor University. Six years ago. Unbelievable. Five years ago, I was getting acclimated to Bible college, packing up forContinue reading “Paper in the Wind”


Productivity. That is the word of the day. I awoke, packed my lunch, ate breakfast, and drove to work. At work, I stayed busy, labored outside, and earned my wages. So far, an average day. When I finished earning my wages, I returned to my abode. I treated myself to a popsicle, then headed to the garage. There, I sorted through six storageContinue reading “Productivity”

7 Habits for the Good Life (6)

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved to play sports. In fact, as a boy, he played every sport he possibly could. As a youth, he played four sports. When he moved into middle school and high school, he dropped down to three. By the end of high school, he played two. In college, one. By theContinue reading “7 Habits for the Good Life (6)”