Today, I went back to college.

Normally I love college. I mean, in the past, college has felt like home. I’ve  felt comfortable there. I gobbled up any knowledge the professors were willing to give. I read hundreds of books. I wrote hundreds of papers. I interacted with other students. I even set up my tent at the library.

But today, when I pulled onto IUPUI campus, it no longer felt like home. Girls were scantily dressed. Guys were  acting like middle-schoolers. It all seemed so juvenille.

Last time I checked, colleges and universities were hubs for learning. They existed to create better citizens. Knowledge was shared. Ideas were tested. Progress was made. Instead, today, I saw regress. Bodies were flaunted. Attire was displayed. Men acted like animals. Maybe I’m already turning into a grumpy old man at the age of twenty-five. Maybe I’m more grounded and mature now that I have a wife and child. Maybe I felt like I was regressing because I was returning as an undergraduate after already completing some graduate work.

Or maybe I’m becoming more aware of a thing called decadence.

Sorry to be a downer. But I’m not sorry for speaking the truth. Oh, one last thing–I decided to drop my class.

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3 thoughts on “College

  1. Maybe it was in the influx of freshman? Don’t worry, as I am sure you know, 20% are gone after a month, and 50% by finals.

  2. Dude….get out of your own head and go have a drink like Belush….oh wait…..scratch that….didn’t work out so well for him.

  3. Bummer bro… however I think in this area it is okay to be a “grumpy old man”. Sorry about the sucky first day :[

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