The Vanity of Accomplishments

Over the weekend, I visited my parents’ home for Christmas. Before the big dinner, my dad and I went upstairs to play a game of fooseball, while my wife, daughter, and mom stayed downstairs to talk. Upstairs, I noticed I still had quite a collection of old trophies and plaques. I had noticed them theContinue reading “The Vanity of Accomplishments”


A wise man once said, “You cannot serve both God and mammon.” And while I’ve always been taught that mammon means money, I’ve always wondered if this was correct. Just recently I learned that it was almost correct; it turns out that mammon means wealth in Aramaic. It can also be understood as riches, neither ofContinue reading “Mammon”

Something New

When I began this blog, nearly a year ago, I told you I wouldn’t write about personal life happenings very often. I most certainly wasn’t going to bore you with my latest trip to the grocery store or dentist. And thus far, I think I’ve kept that promise. Today, however, I must inform you of aContinue reading “Something New”