Paper in the Wind

Tom Petty sings a song about how the days went by like paper in the wind. Today, I was thinking about that.

Six years ago, I was gearing up for a Saturday afternoon game as a college football player at Taylor University. Six years ago. Unbelievable.

Five years ago, I was getting acclimated to Bible college, packing up for the wilderness trip.

Four years ago, I was living on a guy’s couch, doing my second year of Bible college, and teaching a study up at Taylor University.

Three, I was healing up from a shattered nose and reading Captivating (hoping to figure out the female persuasion).

Two, I was immersed in political science, preparing a paper for a conference in Tennessee, and being a bad husband. (I wouldn’t tell my wife I loved her. My reason: I didn’t want to wear out the phrase.)

One year ago, I was living in Portland, getting to know the Bieri family. My wife and I were beginning to attend a marriage class at Imago Dei, and I had just told her that we could start trying to have a baby.

Now, I’m a working man, starting a church/community with some friends, and raising a baby girl.

The days are going by like paper in the wind.

So I ask you, “What were you doing at each of these times?”

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3 thoughts on “Paper in the Wind

  1. Six years ago, I had just started my third year at Prairie and I was the yearbook editor, which meant I lived in my office.

    Five years ago, I started my fourth year at Prairie, was on Student Union and wrote my undergraduate thesis on Biblical Feminism, a topic I came to hate by the end of the year.

    Four years ago, I started my 4.5 year at Prairie, my final semester. Then I moved home, where I spent the next six months acclimating to having my best friends live in another country than I did.

    Three years ago, I was a working stiff, working mostly jobs I hated. But I loved my church and my ministries, so that helped.

    Two years ago, I started work as an AmeriCorps VISTA, which is a great gig, only my supervisor was crazy. (True.) I realized I had to go back to school.

    One year ago, I moved and started grad school again, throwing my life into a whirlwind of academia, where I am still, trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my life.

      1. Prairie is a Bible College in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.

        Multnomah’s not too shabby. I’ll be glad to be done in a year and onto real life. But doing Greek & Hebrew at the same time is kind of a killer.

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