Words – Where Do They Go?

Jason Mraz has a lyric in which he wonders where all of our words go. “Do they bend, do they break, over the flight that they take, and come back together again, with a whole new meaning and a brand new sense, completely unrelated to the one I sent?” I have been wondering similar thingsContinue reading “Words – Where Do They Go?”

The Doubt, The Dream, The Resurrection

Three things I must write, but I’m not at all sure how they go together. I remember nailing my debts and doubts to an old rugged cross in a dark room many years ago. I had a dream a few days ago about visiting the underground with a group of guys. Throughout the dream, weContinue reading “The Doubt, The Dream, The Resurrection”

Connect the Dots

I read a quote from Seth Godin, asking, “Are we teaching our children to collect the dots or connect the dots?” It’s a good question, a fair question, one that must be asked. More importantly, it’s one that must be answered. See, I like to collect dots. And I am a firm believer that peopleContinue reading “Connect the Dots”

4 Pieces

Today, I had 4 pieces come together. Two of the pieces came thru dreams. Here they are: I had a dream of a picture, in which I was standing in a hole. It looked something like this picture. The message attached to the dream, “Bloom where you’re planted.” In another dream, a man said to me,Continue reading “4 Pieces”

Work. Relax. Repeat.

I think God made us to operate on cycles. One of these cycles is work, relax, repeat. For example, when using a computer, it’s best to take brief breaks from the screen. Every 10 minutes, look 10 feet away, for 10 seconds. For every hour of sitting, do five minutes of walking. For every sixContinue reading “Work. Relax. Repeat.”