Where Do They Go?

Jason Mraz has a lyric in which he wonders where all of our words go. “Do they bend, do they break, over the flight that they take, and come back together again, with a whole new meaning and a brand new sense, completely unrelated to the one I sent?” I have been wondering similar thingsContinue reading “Where Do They Go?”

3 Things

Three things I must write, but I’m not at all sure how they go together. I remember nailing my debts to an old rugged cross in a dark room many years ago. I had a dream a few days ago about visiting the underground with a group of guys. Throughout the dream, we rescued peopleContinue reading “3 Things”

Friday Facts (1)

Here’s some facts to brighten your day: URL stands for “universal resource locator” North Dakota has the highest percentage of centenarians in the country (that is people over the age of 100) It is predicted that these five jobs will be the highest in demand in 2013: Accountants Software Developers Personal Financial Advisors Public RelationsContinue reading “Friday Facts (1)”

A Thanksgiving Riddle

On Thursday, many of us will gather with family and give thanks for all the material blessings we experience. We’ll gorge ourselves in excitement and probably take a nap. Then we’ll wake up and run off to the stores, full of envy and greed, longing for all the things we don’t have. We’ll cut inContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Riddle”

This Thing We Call Money

A few days ago, I wrote about this game we call football, where burly men jostle each other and millions of people cheer them on. Well, if you remember, that game generates over 2.2 billion dollars of profit (just in TV revenues). Those dollars are what I want to talk about today. It looks appetizingContinue reading “This Thing We Call Money”

College Football Anyone?

This past weekend, I watched a game of college football. I watched Notre Dame demolish the Oklahoma Sooners. That was on Saturday night. Now, on Monday night, I’m contemplating the relevancy of what I did. If I was trying to describe it to someone (not from this planet), I would say something like this: IContinue reading “College Football Anyone?”