4 Pieces

Today, I had 4 pieces come together. Two of the pieces came thru dreams.
Here they are:

  1. I had a dream of a picture, in which I was standing in a hole. It looked something like this picture. The message attached to the dream, “Bloom where you’re planted.”
  2. In another dream, a man said to me, “Haven’t you learned from history? The challenger must execute a strategy; the victor’s only duty is to defend his fortress.”
  3. The other day, I was thinking about work. I enjoy parts of my job, but I loathe other parts. I thought, “If you hate your job, you have 3 options: a) you can whine and moan; b) you can accept it and make the best of it; c) you can let it drive you to trying something else, something you’ll enjoy.”
  4. I was standing in an area of the Continental Tire plant, taking notes on tire grades. It was over 100° and I was sweating profusely. So, I took a step forward, and went around a plastic curtain. There, it was 70°. Just a step away…

Four pieces. If you think about them for a minute, I’m guessing you can put them together.

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