Words – Where Do They Go?

Jason Mraz has a lyric in which he wonders where all of our words go. “Do they bend, do they break, over the flight that they take, and come back together again, with a whole new meaning and a brand new sense, completely unrelated to the one I sent?”

I have been wondering similar things lately. I reviewed some old notes today and remembered things I had long sense forgotten. I reviewed some old blog posts today and came to the same realization.

Sometimes, it seems our words get away from us. We write them, hoping to remember them, then we forget them, then we remember that somewhere we have them. So we come back to them, read them again, try to remember what we were going through when they came to us and why they ever left us.

This exercise made me realize something:

I want all my words back. Not that I want to erase or remove everything I’ve ever written. I just want all my words to be accessible and I don’t want to ever forget them.

Because words are powerful. Words can mess with us. Especially The Word. “For in the beginning was The Word. And The Word was with God. And The Word was God.”

Let that one stew in your mind for awhile. May you never forget it.

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