Productivity (Addendums)

For fear of being misunderstood, let me add some addendums to my last post on Productivity.

First, this type of schedule is for adults, not children. It would be wrong of us to force this schedule at a young age.

Second, don’t think that every day has to include this many tasks. Your evening can be productive without having to do so many things. Your “work” might look like you investing time in your children, reading books to them or wrestling with them on the living room floor. It might mean that you take a walk with your wife and dog. It might mean that you visit a friend or relative.

Third, you don’t have to wake and rise at the exact same time each day. Some days it might be 6am to 11pm. Other days it might be 9am to 9pm. Your work day will depend on your sleeping habits and your responsibilities.

Fourth, there is a need for vacations. Back in Old Testament times, God instituted a variety of feast days. Basically it worked out so that you had between two and three weeks off each year. So, take a vacation or two. Enjoy time off from your labor.

That said, I still hold firm to the notion that we are supposed to follow this pattern of life. Six days of work, one day of rest, with the above items considered. Follow this and your life will be swell. Or at least it’ll be better than it is right now.

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