7 Habits for The Good Life (5)

Perhaps my last post was too brief.

Showering is what helps me stay sane. Every day. If I’m not showering, you can be sure my sanity is reaching its end. Why? Because a shower makes for a clean body, a fresh vibe, and a clear mind. My wife often asks why I take such long showers and honestly, it’s because I love showers. I like hot water, soap, and a clean body. A massaging showerhead…I call that a slice of heaven. But more than that, my time in the shower is like my time in the think tank. Dots connect. Ideas come together. Things become clear.

But that’s enough about Habit #4. Let’s talk about Habit #5.

Eat healthy.

Remember that old food pyramid in grade school? Get back to it! So often, as adults, we forget what the pyramid demanded. Lots of grains, especially those high in fiber. Lots of fruit. More veggies, less meats. A small amount of dairy. An even smaller amount of sweets.

I know it’s hard. Trust me, I love sweets. But without good grains, fabulous fruits, and vivacious veggies, we won’t last long. Here’s to the pyramid! 

(PS: Drink water too. Not carbonated, not sweetened, not flavored, not whatever. Just some good ol’ H2O. Your body will love you for it.)

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