34 (Part 6)

Thirty-four hours, in a packed car, with a large dog in the passenger seat. That was the setting. That was my solitary confinement. I know I said I was getting sick of telling you about my drive, and I was. But I feel like I should share one last thing. Thirty-four hours in solitary confinement leads to aContinue reading “34 (Part 6)”

34 (Part 5)

So you’re probably sick of hearing about my drive by now. I am too. So let me sum up the last day in this way: Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois all look the same. They’re part of the infamous Corn Belt, Great Plains, Midwest, etc. I’ve known this from geography class and from growing upContinue reading “34 (Part 5)”

34 (Part 4)

I slept at a Pilot Gas Station. Five hours worth. Maybe six. When I woke up, two things caught my attention. First, Gideon had stolen my blankets. Second, mountains stood all around; and, on top of the mountains was snow. No wonder I was cold and couldn’t sleep! As I began my second day ofContinue reading “34 (Part 4)”