5 Degrees to Avoid

I read an article the other day on Yahoo News. The title, “Don’t Bother Earning These 5 Degrees.” I love learning, and I have always wondered if I didn’t pursue an education in theology, what would I have pursued? Growing up, I was always interested in architecture. During my senior year of college, I tookContinue reading “5 Degrees to Avoid”

College Football Anyone?

This past weekend, I watched a game of college football. I watched Notre Dame demolish the Oklahoma Sooners. That was on Saturday night. Now, on Monday night, I’m contemplating the relevancy of what I did. If I was trying to describe it to someone (not from this planet), I would say something like this: IContinue reading “College Football Anyone?”


A couple weeks ago, I went to a robotics competition. (I was doing a free-lance job for the local paper.) Going into it, I had a miniscule knowledge about robotics. Leaving, well, let’s just say robots won me over. Since that day, I’ve been thinking about robots. What can they do for us? How willContinue reading “Robots”

A Week in Sports

In case you were caught in a whirlwind this week (like me), here’s what happened in sports: The Great American Race, aka the Daytona 500, was postponed for the first time in the race’s history. Matt Kenseth quietly took the victory, but Juan Pablo Montoya stole the show by hitting a jet dryer. Good jobContinue reading “A Week in Sports”

Love Wins (1)

I finally started Rob Bell’s latest book. I can’t believe it took me this long. Sadly, I still haven’t finished the book, but I am over halfway through it and I just have to express some initial thoughts. First, I’ve never read a book with so many questions. He barrages the reader with pages ofContinue reading “Love Wins (1)”