34 (Part 3)

I didn’t plan to bash NASA in my last post. I just happened to experience something in the next leg of my journey that reminded me of NASA. Mentioning these space gurus simply provided a good segue. Speaking of segues, I was crossing the border into Idaho. As I was driving, I saw a trainContinue reading “34 (Part 3)”

34 (Part 2)

Living is giving. Living is giving. The quote ran through my head as I drove through the Columbia River Gorge. And it continued as I drove through the Hood River area and through the Dalles. The phrase faded and I drove in silence, admiring the plateaus, the river, the waterfalls, the untouched hills, the windContinue reading “34 (Part 2)”

34 (Part 1)

Thirty-four hours, in a packed car, with a large dog in the passenger seat. That was the setting for the thoughts in this post. With my belly full of waffles, I said goodbye to Portland and turned on an old favorite, Coldplay. I don’t know why, it just seemed right. I listened to a fewContinue reading “34 (Part 1)”