Weeks, Months, Years

Martin Magers, this post is for you!

Thirty-four is not only the number of hours I spent driving in the car.

It is the number of weeks my wife has been pregnant.

It is the number of months my wife and I have known each other.

And it is the number of years since Sir Sweetness set the NFL record for rushing yards in a single-game. Not only that, but he performed the feat while suffering from a 101 degree fever and a nasty flu. Oh, and don’t forget, it was against the Bears’ arch-rival, the Vikings. The record has since been broken, but it doesn’t take away from the greatness of Walter Payton, the man who so gracefully wore the number at hand, #34.

*For avid Bears fans, of which I know two (Mage and Dr. Metzger), you can see all of the records set by Sir Sweetness on Wikipedia. To your credit, he set many records. He was a great running back and a great man. To your demise, he can no longer lead the Bears to a Super Bowl, which means they will probably never win the championship again. 

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