Year In Review

My friends, it has been a crazy year. Millions of gallons of oil have spilled in the sea. Haiti and Chile have had catastophic earthquakes. The Butler Bulldogs and Indianapolis Colts made it to their respective title games and lost in heartwrenching fashion. Spain won the World Cup. The Prince has married a commoner. The ReddensContinue reading “Year In Review”

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We are lighting the outdoors and bringing dead trees indoors. We are standing in freezing temperatures at 3 A.M. to buy important stuff and listening to some of the most senseless songs ever written. Yes, it must be that time of year again—my favorite holiday of all. Before I go any further, here is the disclaimer: If you want to enjoy Christmas for theContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”

A Preview of Things to Come

First, we will look at provocative ideas, like the prophetic ministry of Friedrich Nietzsche or the possibility of heaven being a type of communism. We’ll look at philosophical ideas like post-modernism, utilitarianism, and the golden mean of Aristotle. We’ll also come out of the clouds from time to time and talk about things at ground-level. We’ll look at ethicalContinue reading “A Preview of Things to Come”