34 (Part 4)

I slept at a Pilot Gas Station. Five hours worth. Maybe six.

When I woke up, two things caught my attention. First, Gideon had stolen my blankets. Second, mountains stood all around; and, on top of the mountains was snow. No wonder I was cold and couldn’t sleep!

As I began my second day of driving, I noticed two more things: in Utah, houses were big. Snow was big as well. On the first day, I enjoyed a drive that was sunny with a high of 75. On this day, I would have less than 1/4 mile visibility and spitting snow.

Driving through the snow, I made note of two more things. The first came from a band I know called Under the Olive Trees. They’re good. They’re going to play at Ichthus this summer. But the point of me mentioning them is this: Thayne has a line in a song where he says, “Love’s not love until it learns to serve.”

I thought about that for a long while. Love’s not love until it learns to serve.

Later in the day, I listened to my old buddy John Mayer. He sang the second worthwhile thing. “Pain throws your heart to the ground. Love turns the whole thing around.”

I liked that too. Pain throwing us down, but love turning it around.

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