How to Be a Better Husband

Today, I want us to focus on an idea that comes up multiple times in the Bible: The idea of God being the husband/bridegroom and us being the bride.  I’ll admit it’s quite tough for me to try to imagine being a woman / wife. But it’s not difficult for me to imagine God beingContinue reading “How to Be a Better Husband”

Closing Thoughts (Song of Solomon)

I simply need to spend more time with the book. It’s difficult for me to grasp poetry on the first or even second time. Obvious themes stand out, but more subtle things escape me. Obviously, I understood more this time through than last time. Thanks to John MacArthur for adding some charts in his studyContinue reading “Closing Thoughts (Song of Solomon)”

Song of Solomon 5-8

In chapter 5, the couple has their first argument / misunderstanding. They resolve it later though. Reconciliation is a sweet thing. In chapter 6, we see a phrase repeated twice: “…awesome as an army of banners.” It brings to mind some Roman and medieval war movies, victorious armies parading through cities. In chapter 7, thereContinue reading “Song of Solomon 5-8”

Song of Solomon 1-4

Forgive my lack of writing. I will include only minor verse comments here: 1:9- My dad calls my mom “a mare” sometimes because her name is “Mary.” Unfortunately for him, he leaves out the “among Pharaoh’s chariots.” If he included that, she might take it as a compliment. 1:14- Henna blossoms in En Gedi. HaveContinue reading “Song of Solomon 1-4”

Introduction to the Song of Solomon

First, I do not understand the title. For such an extravagant work of poetry, surely you could title it something other than Song of Solomon. Song of Songs isn’t much better. Unless it means that this is the best song of all songs ever written. In which case, I have a lot more to learnContinue reading “Introduction to the Song of Solomon”