Song of Solomon 5-8

In chapter 5, the couple has their first argument / misunderstanding. They resolve it later though. Reconciliation is a sweet thing.

In chapter 6, we see a phrase repeated twice: “…awesome as an army of banners.” It brings to mind some Roman and medieval war movies, victorious armies parading through cities.

In chapter 7, there is a phrase, a compliment, found also in 4:5. The compliment, “Your breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle.” I assume that means youthful, perky, bouncy? The phrase, “Eyes are like doves,” is used multiple times. And finally, “I am my beloved’s,” is used three times throughout the book.

In chapter 8, we see another oft’ repeated phrase, “Don’t stir up or awaken love until it pleases.” I’m still pondering that. Verse six has a memorable phrase, “For love is strong as death.” Verse nine makes me wonder if it is a metaphor for your sexuality. Are you a wall or a door? Closed off or easily opened? Shut people out or let people in? In chapter 4:12, there is another series of phrases I think similar. Locked garden, locked spring, sealed fountain.

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