Introduction to the Song of Solomon

First, I do not understand the title. For such an extravagant work of poetry, surely you could title it something other than Song of Solomon. Song of Songs isn’t much better. Unless it means that this is the best song of all songs ever written. In which case, I have a lot more to learn before reaching that conclusion.

Second, I can’t seem to make sense of this poem. Many say it is an allegory, a picture of Christ and the Church. But when I read it, all I see is concrete metaphors from one physical human being to another physical human being. Female to male, male back to female, with occasional cheers/refrains from a third party group of onlookers. I see lovers describing intimacy and passion for one another, not a spiritual allegory.

Third, because of 1 & 2, I want to learn more. Just a couple days ago, I began reading the opening chapters, and it is obvious to me how little I understand. I don’t understand many of the metaphors or comparisons the lovers are making. It’s not that I’m dense (although I will admit to it at times); the problem is that some of the allusions are to cultural artifacts. I don’t know that culture well.

Lord help me as I try to make sense of this thing.

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3 thoughts on “Introduction to the Song of Solomon

  1. I do provide some interesting quotes and links in one of my posts for people who would like to look at the book more closely:

    I will be publishing Part 2 of my Song of Songs introduction shortly.

    I also have a quick summary of the message of Ecclesiastes here:

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