New Book Alert! On The John – A Devotional for Dads

My newest book, “On The John: A Devotional for Dads” is live on Amazon! WOOHOO!!! I’m also doing a promo around it. Here are the details: The Kindle version is live and free today. Just go to Amazon and search “Omer Redden On The John Devotional,” and it should come up. I’d give you theContinue reading “New Book Alert! On The John – A Devotional for Dads”

The Importance of Direction

Yesterday at church, I had an epiphany of sorts. The preacher was going through Acts 16, talking about how Paul obeyed the Spirit’s direction. Instead of heading north-northeast into Asia, the Spirit led him to enter Europe, which was west. North-northeast vs. west. That’s a drastic difference on a compass. Just think, if you liveContinue reading “The Importance of Direction”