The Importance of Direction

Yesterday at church, I had an epiphany of sorts.

The preacher was going through Acts 16, talking about how Paul obeyed the Spirit’s direction. Instead of heading north-northeast into Asia, the Spirit led him to enter Europe, which was west.

North-northeast vs. west. That’s a drastic difference on a compass.

Just think, if you live in NYC and head north-northeast, you end up in Greenland. Head west and you’ll end up in Chicago.

So Paul obeys the Spirit and ends up in Phillipi. From there, he goes to Thessalonica, then to Corinth. And what do you know? He meets Lydia who ends up supporting his ministry. And, as a result of planting churches in these three cities, he writes letters to each of the churches. These letters (5 of them) become part of the New Testament.

Just think, the Lord was not only directing Paul so he could meet another ministry partner…The Lord was directing the formation of the New Testament. That’s big!

So maybe, if the Spirit tells you to do something, in your life, you should listen. Who knows what kind of grandiose plans He has in store?

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One thought on “The Importance of Direction

  1. Hey Omer Dog!
    I didn’t know you had a blog…. ^_^ *COOL* (like me you know…well at least that’s what you tell me… 😉

    But in reference to your post…It was a very interesting sermon…and the quote you shared has stuck with me all week.


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