Online Junkies Beware!

I met with another writer last week and she told me about an intriguing project: A lady is living in a glass room for 30 days and can only communicate through online means.

The project is happening here in Portland. She is on Day 18. Here’s the link:

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One thought on “Online Junkies Beware!

  1. My initial thought about the Public Isolation Project was, don’t people do this all the time?

    But the more I thought about it, and the more I realized what her parameters are, the more I realized this is unique.

    I’ll start the discussion with these remarks: Thirty days isn’t enough. Try a year. Maybe more. Then we’ll see if we can really survive without tangible, physical interactions. I honestly do NOT think we can. Speaking from personal experience, I find the internet to be a horrible master, but a wonderful tool. Use it properly, use it when necessary, use it with discretion, and it proves to be worthwhile and effective. Same with cell phones. If you subject yourself to one of them, or both…well, just don’t.

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