It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  • We are lighting the outdoors and bringing dead trees indoors.
  • We are standing in freezing temperatures at 3 A.M. to buy important stuff and listening to some of the most senseless songs ever written.
my last visit with santa

Yes, it must be that time of year again—my favorite holiday of all. Before I go any further, here is the disclaimer: If you want to enjoy Christmas for the rest of your life, do not read the rest of this post.

Ultimately, there is one reason I don’t like Christmas: the whole thing is a farce, both in its absurdity and its comedy—from a Christian perspective and from a nonreligious perspective.

First, from a Christian perspective, which revolves around Jesus’ birth: Aside from the inaccurate date of December 25, there is a multitude of things wrong with the nativity. For one, it doesn’t smell like manure or have the sounds of animals. As for Joseph, leading up to the birth, he was ready to break off the engagement. Mary must have been the gossip of the community, being labeled either a slut for her apparent unfaithfulness, or a lunatic for her claim that the father of the child was not a human (hardly a saint to be hailed). The two traveled away from their hometown when she was nine months pregnant, which led to Mary going into labor away from home. It’s possible that Joseph had to deliver the baby, and it’s highly unlikely he had proper training as a midwife. After birth, baby Jesus was placed in a watering trough with animal saliva, not a sanitary bed.  Herod planned to kill baby Jesus with his “No Child Left Alive Act,” forcing Mary and Joseph to become refugees for a time.  All of this to say, if “Jesus is the reason for the season,” then maybe the season should have a more somber and dismal feel. 

From a nonreligious perspective, the materialism of the holiday is absurd. People (religious or nonreligious) are willing to trample others to buy gifts that are not really needed. Americans spend over $400 billion on Christmas every year. Mind-boggling. Santa doesn’t exist. If he did, and you switched the order of the letters in his name, he could be satan, which I find hilarious (Dana Carvey as Church Lady on SNL). I already mentioned the idiocy of trees and lights, not to mention hanging socks over fireplaces or wearing red hats with white fuzzy trim and a ball of cotton on top. I don’t know about you, but sitting on a fat stranger’s lap and giving him a list of the things I want, and then giving him my address, seems more frightening than exciting.

Yes, I hate this holiday, but do understand my tone. I am simply marveling and musing over one of our most cherished holidays from a realistic and nonsentimental point of view. Call me Scrooge, or the Grinch, I don’t mind.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  1. Not sure I see where you’re going with the first part. You’re saying we should not celebrate the birth of Jesus just because we don’t have some of the details correct? And I would actually argue that the hardships and obstacles overcome by Mary, Joseph, and Jesus make it worth celebrating all the more.

    Completely agree about it being too materialistic.

    1. Hey Dylan,
      I am absolutely loving reading your posts. It is very insightful, but I do have something on my mind… and perhaps an email to explain my situation further might be more appropriate than a public blog. But, I will post my thoughts nonetheless. Also realize that I am an animal/reproductive biologists and my mind doesn’t run quite as deep.

      Lately, although it’s extremely hard to wrap my mind around, I have been learning about God’s love, his GOOD plans, and just about who He is. I will be the first to tell you that I have many doubts, but I am a believer-no not just that, but a follower, regardless. AHHH, I am babbling, what I want to say is not to let your “mind” get the best of you. Be careful dear friend. It is ok to have doubts (those who say they don’t are most likely liars- it’s choosing to believe regardless of doubts that give us faith- besides God is vast beyond measure and claiming to know everything would be arrogant), but also know that satan can use ourselves to start to mask the greatness of God. Due to my present situation, I think that we can become so brainwashed with our own self that we start to trick ourselves out of what God ultimately has for us. As far as the Christmas post, I totally agree on most of it, I even think some people still think that Jesus is a baby all cute and wrapped up. BUT we know that He is ALIVE and He is Holy; so Holy that angels have wings just to shield themselves from God. I am wowed by that. Further, He is soooo Holy and good that only He can bring rejoicing out of suffering. We have to remember how good God is and I think that is why people should celebrate Christmas. God sent His son (imagine sending your unborn baby to die for a bunch of losers) and no it wasn’t pretty, but I sure do want to remember it and I definitely want to be joyful about it and offer up my praise.

      I don’t know if that was even worth your time to read, but be joyful dear friend!

  2. I disagree. Jesus’ birth IS one to celebrate. Even if he was not born in december and the details are not celebrated. Who honestly cares? The important thing is remembering the greatest gift God has giving to the earth, and thanking him for it. The materialism can be done away with, but the rememberance of Christ being born should never be overlooked. It is just as important to a Christians life as the death and ressurection of Jesus. So don’t put a tree up if it’s your conviction, but don’t destroy the time of rememberance and thankfulness while doing so.

  3. “Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son: In whom we have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins:” Col 1:13 & 14. How can we read this and know it in our hearts and not want to celebrate?! No one is claiming to know and re-enact every detail of the historical event. We only know that the Creator of the universe desires to make a way for us to come boldly before Him. No barrier of sin between Creator and His created. Wow! I want to sing and celebrate just talking about it. Christmas proclaims this most wonderful gift to the entire world. In a little Baby in the most humble place we received the greatest gift of all time.
    That nasty feeding trough represents our filthy hearts that He is willing to enter into. It then becomes a Holy, pure abode for Him which can then pour out His love to the world.
    Read Mary’s prayer of praise again in Luke. She surely did not see this event as dismal and somber despite the hardships she faced in the midst of it.
    Have you ever gone to a nursing home and sang some of those “senseless songs”? The joy it gives them, no matter how poorly you sing them, is a testimony of the joy of giving during this season.
    God gave His people many feasts (celebrations) to follow each year because He knows how forgetful man is of His faithfulness to us. That’s what Christmas is: A joyous reminder of His faithfulness to me and the rest of the world.
    I am so sorry you don’t feel that joy at this time of year. I will pray that you are blessed with a fresh experience of that joy this year. All God’s blessings!!

  4. On Christmas we aren’t so much celebrating the day that Jesus was born, but the fact that he WAS born.

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