A Preview of Things to Come

First, we will look at provocative ideas, like the prophetic ministry of Friedrich Nietzsche or the possibility of heaven being a type of communism. We’ll look at philosophical ideas like post-modernism, utilitarianism, and the golden mean of Aristotle. We’ll also come out of the clouds from time to time and talk about things at ground-level. We’ll look at ethical decision-making in hot issues of the day. We’ll talk about the unique opportunities we have as Americans. We’ll look at current events and try to make sense of them. If that’s not enough, I might share a snippet from a writing project I’m working on at the time so you can give me feedback. I might write about some significant happening in my life. And who knows, we may even talk about theology.

As you can tell, this blog will not be a daily rambling in that it will not be daily and it will not be a rambling. I will try to post once a week, and ideally, I would like to post on a certain day every week. That way, we have time to think, respond, and see other people’s responses. Then, it is no longer my blog, but it’s your blog too. It will be our blog, and it will be beautiful because we will each bring something different to the discussions. In short, I hope we find our minds challenged and our hearts stirred.

Don’t be shy. Make some posts (even on this one). Peace be with you.-Omer

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5 thoughts on “A Preview of Things to Come

  1. Your hot!!! I’m excited for this blog!!! Bring on the discussions…

    Love ya bro.

  2. Sounds cool!

    For your first topic, we should discuss how much better Coatsie and I are at Madden than you.

  3. Stumbled upon this on facebook, I will partake. And how is EVERYBODY, and I do mean everybody, better at Madden than you? PS I got your present in the mail. Hugs and Kisses.

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