34 (Part 3)

I didn’t plan to bash NASA in my last post. I just happened to experience something in the next leg of my journey that reminded me of NASA. Mentioning these space gurus simply provided a good segue.

Speaking of segues, I was crossing the border into Idaho. As I was driving, I saw a train full of what looked like spaceship parts. Huge, white pieces of high-tech stuff, wrapped in plastic, with the word “Siemens” on each piece. Siemens, if I remember right, is an engineering company from Germany that puts most corporations to shame. They handle big stuff. Really big stuff. Like making the world a better place. And employing 405,000 employees in 190 countries.

Thinking about inventions, about spaceships and wind turbines, about Siemens, led me to think about other things like Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and the presentation by Kevin Kelly at Q recently, “What Technology Wants.” I couldn’t help but wonder what God thought about all this stuff, about our human project.

God, I wish I knew what God was thinking.

I couldn’t figure it out, God’s thoughts that is, so I kept driving. Silenced. Silenced by my new surroundings. On the one side of the road, in a nearby field, was a storm, gray and wet. On the other side of the road, and behind me, sunshine and blue skies. Huh, imagine that.

Awhile later, I was ready for dinner. I pulled off at Idaho Falls, drove across the big bridge, and walked along the canyon ridge, admiring the beauty, letting the dog run and pee. I grabbed some IHOP, took it to the canyon and watched the sunset.






Now that’s an invention.

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