Q is a letter. Q is also the name of a conference. The leader of the Q conference said that Q stands for questions, because the focus of the conference is asking questions, not giving answers. It’s not called A. It’s called Q. 

So I went to the Q conference, and I asked people questions.

I don’t like crappy questions like, “Where are you from?” “What do you do?” “Is this your first Q?”

No, I like big questions. So I gave my first big question to Donald Miller. I asked Don out to lunch.

He turned me down. He already had a date with his girlfriend and friends from out of town.

No big deal. I grabbed a bite at Noodles & Co. and went on an expedition at Powell’s.

Later that evening, Imam Feisal (the Ground Zero Mosque Imam) showed up at Q. After his interview on stage, I went over and talked with him. The crowd had emptied out, so I had his full attention. I asked if he had any advice for me.

He said to learn to love God, develop my relationship with Him, and everything I do will come out of that. Not bad for a guy that is often viewed as a terrorist.

I asked Imam Feisal how long he had been traveling and speaking. He said since 2001. I asked if he was drained yet. He said it can be tiring, but it is also very fulfilling. He said when you’re doing the work God has called you to do, it feels like fun. More fun than vacation.

I liked that. I think it’s true. When I write, or teach, it’s more fun than vacation.

(More about Q? Just wait for Round 2.)

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