A Riddle (Narnia)

Last time I wrote, I said I was going to give you something to chew on; I just had to keep my mind moving and be intentional. Well, today my mind was a-movin’ and now I’m ready to be intentional. So here’s the riddle:

In The Chronicles of Narnia there is a creature named Tumnus. Tumnus’ appearance is similar to a character in mythology. Which character does he resemble?

Also in The Chronicles of Narnia, particularly in chapter 11 of Prince Caspian, there is a scene of dancing around Aslan. In the midst of this dance is a boy named Bacchus and an old man named Silenus. Both of these names refer to characters in mythology. But what is the significance of the dance?

Now, if you’ve answered the previous two questions, here’s the big kicker: What do we do with this knowledge?

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One thought on “A Riddle (Narnia)

  1. Ok, so I knew Dionysus is the one that looks like Tumnus. Dionysus was the Greek god of wine I believe. Silenus was Dionysus’s teacher and just all around his biggest fan. He was kinda like a really drunk version of Chiron. I had no idea who Bacchus was so I googled him and found out that he’s just the Roman version of Dionysus. I really don’t know the significance of this dance unless it is to show how God protects us from crazy and confusing things. Lucy said that she wouldn’t have felt safe meeting those things without Aslan. Without knowing the significance of the dance I’m not sure how we would go about applying it to our life.

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