What comes to mind when you hear that word?

An octagon colored red?  Two golden arches? A swoosh? A movie from the early 2000’s?

What about “writing in the sky?” Like a sign from God? Did you think of a sign like that? Have you ever been given a sign like that?

This week, I was given a sign like that. There was no writing in the sky, at least not that I saw. There was, however, a variety of circumstances pointing in the same direction. Here’s what I mean:

I’ve been trying to decide what to do about work. Right now, I’m a seasonal employee, but that stint will run out in March. Already, I’ve begun the job search and there have been a few openings for which I’ve applied. Recently, I saw a posting for a job that would be with the same organization, but it would be full-time, it would pay more, and it would be closer to home. Sounds good, eh? But the problem is that I have been feeling stirred to do something different. That is, I want to use my brain at work. And, I want to work with my brain. I think God has given me a good noggin, and instead of using it, I’ve been doing a mindless job, a manual labor job. So, I’ve been thinking, why not look for another type of job, a job where I’ll use my brain? I started praying.

  • First sign: God says write a letter to this guy who does the type of work I’m wanting to do.
  • Second sign: God gives me two Scriptures to look up. I look them up and both pertain to the type of work I’m wanting to do.
  • Third sign: I try applying for the other job (the full-time one with the same organization, closer to home, and better pay), but I can’t do it. The online program won’t allow me to submit the application–three different times!
  • Fourth sign: I receive a random newsletter in the mail and the first article happens to be about the type of work I’m wanting to do.

So, what should I do with all of this? I think I should go for it! And wait patiently for all of the circumstances to fall into place. After that, I’ll let you know what I’m doing at my new job.

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