Love. Sex. God. Pt3

The last post focused primarily on single people. This post is primarily for married people. Simple summary for simple people: Talk about sex with your spouse. The Bible encourages it. People who like an explanation, read on: Dear Mr. or Mrs. _____, Please talk about sex with your spouse. It is not taboo. It isContinue reading “Love. Sex. God. Pt3”

Love. Sex. God. Pt2

**You can find the referenced sermon at .** In this second sermon, Rick explores the economy of sex. The basic argument is that the price of sex is lower than it’s ever been before. I know, it’s odd for a pastor to talk about sex in economic terms, but you have to understand whereContinue reading “Love. Sex. God. Pt2”

Love. Sex. God.

**You can find the referenced sermon at .** I listened to a sermon earlier this week, and I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you. The title is “Love, Sex, and God: Week 1.” Throughout the sermon, Rick is exploring the foundational issues related to love, sex, and God. AllContinue reading “Love. Sex. God.”

Passion (Portlanders)

I met a plethora of people when I lived in Portland. A few of them were very passionate. For example: Dr. Paul Louis Metzger. When I told people I had signed up for his classes at Multnomah Seminary, they looked at me like I was crazy and simply said, “Good luck.” I thought this aContinue reading “Passion (Portlanders)”