Love. Sex. God. Pt2

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In this second sermon, Rick explores the economy of sex.

The basic argument is that the price of sex is lower than it’s ever been before. I know, it’s odd for a pastor to talk about sex in economic terms, but you have to understand where he goes with it.

First, we must realize a few simple premises. Generally speaking:

  1. Men want sex more than women do.
  2. Women talk about sex more than men do.
  3. Sex starts when the woman says it does.
  4. The price of sex is negotiable.

Second, I must clarify that when Rick (or I) mention the price of sex, we’re talking about what is given in exchange for the act. For example, the highest price a woman can set for sex is a marriage relationship. A lifelong, covenant marriage, not a shotgun wedding with a quick annulment. That lifelong marriage covenant is the highest price. A lower price would be “we must be living together.” Even lower, “we must be ‘officially’ dating.” Lower still, “He has to impress me.”

Ladies, men will do most anything to try to impress you. They will buy your meals, give you flowers, ask you questions, and pretend to listen. And if that’s all it takes, men will pretend and schmooze and act as romantic as you want. But in that situation, the man isn’t in it to make you feel loved. He’s in it to satisfy his own desires.

Set the price of sex high. God did.

Along with that, it should be mentioned that God set the price so high because He knows how much the physical act of sex is tied with your emotions, your mental stability, and your soul. He made you a fully integrated being. So to try to please God with everything you have, except your sexual life, is an exercise in futility. You simply can’t do it. Why?

Because there’s a disconnect in your soul. Your body is doing one thing and every other part of you is doing another. Remember, we are 100% spiritual, 100% sexual. Offering ourselves to God means offering our whole self, sex life and all.

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