Creativity (Bob Dylan)

Back in August of last year, I wrote a post on Bob Dylan. I talked about his lyrical genius and his ability to pack so much thought into a single song. Today, I want to talk about Dylan more broadly. I want to look at his creative ability, both in music and beyond. First, forContinue reading “Creativity (Bob Dylan)”

The Enigma Called Time

In the beginning, God created…lots of stuff. But implied in this opening phrase is this thing called time. Time was created by Him. But time doesn’t necessarily have to be measured by a clock. In fact, in the beginning, God didn’t create a clock. He created the sun, moon, and stars to help us determineContinue reading “The Enigma Called Time”

Bob Dylan

Lately I’ve been listening to Bob Dylan, my lyrical hero and great uncle. My parents named me after Ol’ Uncle Dylan actually. Not actually. But anyways…I’ve been blown away listening to Bob Dylan. I wonder, How can a man pack so much thought into a single song? In the song “Hurricane,” for example, Dylan talks about a realContinue reading “Bob Dylan”